How to setup

Download and install Tiger.Trade
Log in with credentials from the email or Profile page
Launch Tiger.Trade and connect the trading platform
Choose a configuration below or use your own


Choose your preferred market or trading platform to get installation instructions or platform presets.

Connection setup to FTX

1. Register your account on FTX (if not yet) and login.

2. Go to API keys and press Create API key.

3. Save your API keys elsewhere.

4. Start Tiger.Trade choose File in main menu - Connections - Setup.

5. In the opened window click + Create new connection and select FTX in dropdown list.

6. Enter your API keys. If your ISP is blocking FTX, you can use proxy in such way ip:port.

7. Click OK.



You have successfully setup connection to FTX. To connect Tiger.Trade to FTX use File - Connections - FTX.