How to setup

Step 1
Download and install Tiger.Trade
Step 2
Log in with credentials from the email or Profile page
Step 3
Launch Tiger.Trade and connect the trading platform
Step 4
Choose a configuration below or use your own


Choose your preferred market or trading platform to get installation instructions or platform presets.

Configuration preset \n for Bitfinex

Connection setup to Bitfinex

1. Register your account on Bitfinex (if not yet) and login. (Newly registered accounts have limitation to trade, please read rules on Bitfinex)

Step 1

2. Go to API keys page and click Create New Key.

3. Set appropriate permissions (except withdrawal) and click Generate API key.

Step 3

4. An email with confirmation will come where you need to click CREATE API KEY.

Step 4

5. After that you will see new API keys on Bitfinex API keys page. BACKUP them, they will be masked forever.

Step 5

6. Start Tiger.Trade choose File in main menu -> Connections - Setup.

Step 6

7. In the opened window click + Create new connection and select Bitfinex in dropdown list.

Step 7

8. Enter your API keys from Bitfinex API page. If your ISP is blocking Bitfinex, you can use proxy in such way - ip:port.

Step 8

9. Click OK.

You have successfully setup connection to Bitfinex. To connect Tiger.Trade to Bitfinex use File - Connections - Bitfinex.